Life cover is used both in a personal and corporate capacity and is primarily used to protect your surviving partner, family or business partners against financial loss.

Examples of Personal Cover

  • Covering your family against the loss of an income
  • Covering your mortgage and immediate expenses

In some cases cover can be arranged that your premiums will qualify for tax relief.

Examples of Company Life Cover

  • Again covering any company debts such as bank loans or mortgages
  • Insuring the live’s of key employees who are important to the financial well-being of your company
  • Protecting shareholders and ensuring that the value of the shares are passed efficiently to their family.

Life Company via a company structure can be complicated so it’s important to get the right advice early on in the process as getting it wrong can be extremely expensive and have unintended consequences for the parties concerned.

Specialist Life Cover

We can also arrange cover for clients with previous or current health issues as we have access to specialist underwriters via the UK.

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Example of Cost

Take a male client, aged 34 years 6 months, in good health and a non-smoker
Cover of €250,000 for a 20 year period costs from just €17.85 per month
Date of Quote: 30th of September 2019


If you qualify, tax relief can be claimed on the premiums reducing the costs to either €14.28 per month if on 20% income tax; or €10.71 per month if your tax rate is 40%

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