We are highly experienced with assisting clients to prepare, implement and monitor a retirement plan which is both suitable and affordable.

The preparation of a Retirement Plan should include:

Sitting down with you and Agreeing your retirement objectives and budget and in turn we will provide you with a report that includes:

  • Recommendation for the most suitable type of pension (personal or employer sponsored)

  • Recommending a pension company and Fund Manager(s)

  • Recommending an investment strategy

  • Listing all the fees and charges (including commissions)

  • Tax advice in relation to the plan

  • Ongoing monitoring of your plan.

We will also include any pension funds from previous employments in your plan and make recommendations on how best these should be managed.

Retirement planning is unnecessarily complex but when it’s broken down and you get past all the jargon and rules it is actually quite simple.

Remember all Retirement Planning is a Tax Efficient way for saving for retirement.

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